Biblical Worldview – Unit 1



Begin memorizing the books of the Old Testament

Leader Resources


  • Review the memory verse of the week and talk about how it relates to the Truth section.
  • Review the Pentateuch.



  • TRUTH – You can discuss any of the in Bible questions you would like to address. Here are some tips that may help:
    • Deuteronomy 10:14Nehemiah 9:6Psalm 90:1-2Jeremiah 10:10Romans 1:19-20 – The facts about God and the universe that these verses teach are summarized in the beginning of the to summarize section of the material. Be sure to allow your JG members to share their responses and conclusions based on these facts.
    • John 18:33-38 – Jesus’ entire life and ministry indicates that He believed that all truth is absolute and objective since all truth comes from God. Jesus treated His moral and spiritual teachings (“Truly, truly I tell you…”) as if they were as objectively true as any mathematical or scientific statement.
    • Colossians 2:1-9 – The point you want to drive home here is that a biblical worldview is incompatible with many contemporary philosophies. Sometimes, people fall into the deceptive trap of not thinking critically about what they believe and may even hold two contradictory beliefs or values to be true. Use your own examples to illustrate this and challenge your JG to develop a consistent, biblical way of thinking about life.
  • TRUTH – This week’s material lays the foundation for discussions about creation, evolution and the meaning of life that will happen in the next few units. The goal of this unit is to dethrone science from its position of unchallenged authority – “If it’s science, it must be true” – and to expose the assumption of naturalistic philosophy that masquerades as science when origins are discussed. You will also want to emphasize the truth of Romans 1:20, that simple observation of the natural world (which is what science is supposed to be all about) should lead humanity to acknowledge the eternal power of our Creator. You may need to explain that the reason many people don’t see a Creator behind the creation is that sin has enslaved humanity and blinded our minds and hearts to Him.
  • EQUIPPING – The goal of these questions is to challenge your JG to bring all of their beliefs, values and life habits into alignment with a biblical worldview beginning with the basic facts about God and His creation. Remind them that a comprehensive, biblical worldview will affect decisions about every area of their lives – marriage, family, professional goals, financial management, standard of living choices, entertainment choices, education, and social and environmental responsibility. Challenge your JG to seek the daily filling of the Holy Spirit (remind them how, refer to Gospel Living, unit 2) and to submit to His leading and to the clear teaching of Scripture.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Allow time for smaller groups of 2 or 3 to ask accountability questions and pray for one another.
  • MISSION – Discuss how your JG group feels about witnessing. What thoughts come to mind? Make sure to connect witnessing with missional living – making the gospel known through word and deed.