The Journey web app is fully featured. Pick up where you left off, archive old courses, take notes, highlight, and answer questions from any device, even offline!

You can generate a PDF of every Unit, even if you have customized the curriculum. We love our app, but we value options too. Print it out, or use it on your own PDF software.

The original Blue, Green, and Red years of The Journey serve as your starting point when customizing your Journey curriculum in the app.


The Answer and Life Issues booklets are part of the original curriculum and are not included in this purchase. If you are using the original Blue, Green, or Red, you will want to use these each year as your group becomes more missional. You can purchase them using the links provided.

Create Your Church Admin Account

Free to get started!

Setting up the Journey Web App for your church is easy and free. Upon checkout, you will receive a Church Admin account, a unique Church PIN, and full access to begin customizing your Journey curriculum.

Users are added to your Church’s account by using your Church PIN and paying for a one-year license. Churches should only create one Church Admin account and then share their unique PIN with their congregation.

Church Admin Features

  • Unique Church PIN that ties your members to your church
  • Full access to customize or write your own curriculum
  • Future content and features updates
  • Manage users and groups
  • APIs to connect your data to your CRM

View the Journey Admin Webinar

After Creating a Church Admin Account…

Users need to purchase a license

Go to the Journey Web App ( Add your email, and enter your Church’s PIN to get started!

A one-year User License is $35.

Journey in Print

Are you looking for the original, spiral-bound Journeys? Remember, if you just like paper and pencil you can download and print custom Journeys using The Journey Online. Still want the original Journey? Click the button below.

Note: The original Journey is also available as a PDF in Chinese or Spanish.