Leader Resources


Thank you for investing your life product for the purpose of maturing and equipping others for a lost world! The Journey Leader’s Guides will be one to two page tip sheets that will help you provide the most value in your Journey Group (JG) meetings. This first Leader’s Guide contains extra information to help you orient your new group for the coming year of life-on-life missional discipleship (LOLMD).



  • The Journey is a 3 year curriculum. Participants are asked to commit to 1 year at a time.
  • Semester I includes 14 weeks (including Orientation). Semester II includes 15 units.
  • The T.E.A.M.S.© approach will be followed in every unit of material.
  • The Journey is designed to support a life on life focus that promotes interaction and discussion about how the material intersects with each person’s spiritual progress and life circumstances. Therefore, your group meeting time should focus on Equipping, Accountability, Mission and Supplication. Don’t let discussion of the Truth section (such as the in Bible questions) dominate your group time. You don’t need to go through each point of this material. Only give as much time to the Truth section as is needed to provide clarity and to raise questions and issues that will engage the group in an equipping-focused discussion. Consider using the Discipleship Meeting Lesson Plan to help you prepare questions in advance that will drive discussion and interaction.
  • The JG Member Covenant includes a commitment to set aside 1 weekend to attend the Express Your Faith seminar offered at Perimeter Church or a church in your area using the Express Your Faith Kit (available in the Lifeonlife.org Store).



The Orientation will introduce your Journey Group to the importance of spiritual accountability. Then during the first section of The Journey, called Gospel Living, your Journey Group will learn:

  • How glory, grace and truth relate to spiritual maturity.
  • How to have personal devotions.
  • To understand the importance of being a personal witness.
  • How to establish a life plan.



During this Orientation your Journey Group should listen to “A Commitment to Spiritual Accountability”.

During Gospel Living your Journey Group will:

  • Complete six units of material.
  • Read The Answer, by Randy Pope.
  • Listen to the “Ready, Aim, Pray” teaching series on the Lord’s Prayer, by Randy Pope. This series includes “Why Pray?”, “God’s Honor”, “God’s Kingdom”, “God’s Provision”, “God’s Forgiveness”, and “God’s Power”.



  • Expectations and Reservations worksheet.
  • Spiritual Journey for discussion during Gospel Living.


1 week


An Introduction To LOLMD

6 weeks

Gospel Living

Pursuing glory, grace and truth

4 weeks

Grace Commitments

Spiritual commitments motivated by grace

3 weeks

Knowing God

Understanding God’s being and character

4 weeks

Healthy Marriage

Developing the spiritual center of your marriage

7 weeks

Biblical Worldview

Living in the world with a biblical perspective

4 weeks

God-honoring Parenting

Raising children with a gospel focus